Prop 13 Grant to Fund Water Quality Improvement Project at Marina Beach

A $1.75 million Coastal Nonpoint Source Program Grant from the Proposition 13 Clean Beaches Initiative has been authorized for the Marina Beach Water Quality Improvement Project. Grant funding follows completion of Phase I of an intensive study aimed at addressing chronic bacterial contamination at Marina del Rey’s only beach.

It has always been our goal to provide consistently good water quality at Marina Beach, said Supervisor Don Knabe in announcing the grant. This funding will make possible an environmentally sound solution to the problems at one of our most popular beaches for young families.

Phase II is a two-part project: Part 1 that involves redirecting of local storm water run off from the waters of Marina Beach and Part 2 that involves the installation of two water circulators, or submersible banana-bladed pumps, within the Beach waters to reduce high concentrations of pollutants. The $1.75 million grant would fund Phase II.

A resolution approving Phase II of the Marina Beach Water Quality Improvement Project and accepting the grant funding was passed by the Board of Supervisors at its meeting held Tuesday, February 24.