County to Update Emergency Oil Spill Contingency Plan

The Board of Supervisors approved a motion to direct the Los Angeles County Fire Department to develop a comprehensive and coordinated update to the County’s 2004 Emergency Oil Spill Contingency Plan, Supervisor Don Knabe announced today.

“It would be prudent for the County to ensure we are ready in advance for any future oil spills in our region,” said Supervisor Knabe. “There is a potential for serious negative impacts along our Southern California coastline and I believe we should use the lessons learned during the recent Gulf Coast crisis, as well as include the latest response methods and techniques, in the development of an updated plan.”

The Fire Department took the lead in developing the 2004 plan and will work with the Sheriff’s Department and the Departments of Beaches and Harbors and Public Works as well as the United States Coast Guard, coastal cities and various oil companies in the region to review and update the existing plan to ensure preparedness for any future oil spill.