Fraudulent E-Mail With Los Angeles County Fire Department Logo Circulating

A fraudulent e-mail containing the heading “Acid Rain Precautions” and the County of Los Angeles Fire Department logo has surfaced, warning residents that radioactive particles released from the Fukushima Nuclear Plan in Japan could mix with rain and “cause burns, alopecia or even cancer.”

“The County of Los Angeles Fire Department has not issued this statement nor do we believe the statements within the e-mail to be factual,” says Battalion Chief Jon O’Brien. Residents within the County seeking information on the potential impact from the release at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant are advised to obtain their information from a reputable agency. Additionally, individuals are reminded to use caution when viewing e-mails and to always verify the source of information.

For information relating to the potential impact on Los Angeles County, please visit the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health.