Knabe Announces Expansion of Anti-Child Sex Trafficking Campaign

Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe announced today that the county’s anti-child sex trafficking awareness campaign will expand to millions more residents, thanks to a donation of billboard space by the Lamar Advertising Company. Billboards carrying the county’s anti-child sex trafficking messaging will be posted on 100 billboards throughout Los Angeles County this week and will remain posted for an entire month.

“A public that is aware and informed of the horrific child sex trafficking industry is our greatest tool in protecting these young victims,” said Supervisor Don Knabe. “We must continue to raise the profile on the sexual exploitation of our young girls and shine a light on a heinous crime that is happening right here in our communities and neighborhoods.”

Los Angeles County is proud to partner with the Lamar Advertising Company to continue its anti-child sex trafficking campaign outreach.

“Child sex trafficking is a grisly and unimaginable act and the Lamar Advertising Company is supportive of this campaign to bring awareness to the public,” said Lamar Advertising Company general manager Ray Baker. “This is a true example of government and the private sector working together and expanding a campaign that could save the lives of young victims.”

The campaign, originally called for by Supervisor Knabe, included messaging at Metro train stations and bus stops, as well as on all rail cars, trains and over 3,000 buses in both English and Spanish. Additionally, anti-child sex trafficking messaging was placed on over 50 digital displays and 15 traditional billboards across Los Angeles County.

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