Partners in cracking down on child sex trafficking

On February 18, Long Beach Police detectives successfully rescued a 15-year old victim of sex trafficking.

I am happy to hear that the Long Beach Police Department’s aggressive efforts to combat human trafficking in the City of Long Beach have led to the successful rescue of a 15-year old girl. This young child was a victim—manipulated and sexually exploited for money by her scumbag pimp. Thanks to the commitment of Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell and the diligent work of Long Beach VICE detectives, she will receive the services and counseling necessary to empower to her to escape her life on the streets.

Sex trafficking is a horrific and cowardly industry thriving in communities across the County and fortunately, Long Beach has been an incredible partner in our efforts to crackdown on it. Just a few weeks ago, the city hosted trainings for employees to learn how to spot signs of human trafficking and identify possible victims. Working together, we can protect these girls and save them from a life of exploitation and abuse. Los Angeles County stands with the City of Long Beach in collectively saying “No more. Not in our streets. Not to our young girls.”