L.A. County Launches New Adopt-A-Bike Path Program

The County of Los Angeles has developed a new way to promote sustainable communities, encourage active recreation, and keep County bike paths free of litter and overgrown vegetation, Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe announced today.

The Adopt-A-Bike Path program is a public/private partnership managed by LA County Public Works to maintain the County’s more than 100 miles of bike path, while saving taxpayer dollars.  Participants can sign up for a sponsorship period of up to two years or for just one day, collecting litter, sweeping, and trimming vegetation. Public Works will lend safety gear, including hard hats, vests, and gloves to participants, who will also receive complimentary trash bags and trash disposal services during the sponsorship period.

According to Supervisor Knabe, the program will foster community pride and potentially lead to healthier lifestyles for County residents.

“With the launch of the Adopt-A-Bike Path program, individuals, families, businesses, and organizations have a unique opportunity to partner with LA County,” Supervisor Knabe said. “The program will benefit both the environment and the residents who enjoy the County’s bike paths as a healthy and active means of transportation. “

For more information on the Adopt-A-Bike Path program, visit the LA County Public Works website at dpw.lacounty.gov.