Knabe Seeks to Create Concierge to Assist Small Businesses

Los Angeles County will create a one-stop-shop Small Business Concierge to assist small business owners navigate the County’s permitting and contracting processes, thanks to a motion put forth by Chairman Supervisor Don Knabe.

“Small businesses are a vital sector of the Los Angeles County economy, and we need to continue to look at innovative ways to offer support and guidance towards their development and success,” said Supervisor Knabe. “Starting a small business, as well as keeping one in business, can be an incredibly challenging endeavor and with the help of this Small Business Concierge, we can help them thrive right here in our community.”

Under the proposal, the Office of Small Business will be consolidated within the Department of Consumer Affairs, which will expand the Office’s ability to help owners get their business up-and-running. A report back by the Chief Executive Officer is expected in 90 days to determine the feasibility and fiscal impact of this migration.

“Small businesses have created over 60% of the new jobs in this country,” said Supervisor Knabe. “We need to be sure we are doing whatever we can do to make it easy for them to get started.”