More Than A Survivor: More Than A Story Photo exhibition Celebration of nationally distinguished survivors of human trafficking

The More Than A Survivor: More Than A Story photo exhibition will premiere at the Museum of Latin American Art today.  This event is a fundraiser to support victims and survivors of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking served by the Los Angeles-based nonprofit Journey Out.  Nationally recognized survivor leaders Nola Brantley, Jessica Midkiff and Stacy Jewell Lewis, who are celebrated in the exhibit, will be present at the reception along with Los Angeles County anti-trafficking leaders.

This extraordinary photo exhibition celebrates the diversity, strength and leadership of human trafficking survivors and their triumph over the most extreme of human rights abuses.  The exhibit features 22 stunning portraits and highlights the accomplishments of prominent survivor leaders in various fields from the arts to politics, science, social services and more.

When:  TODAY, April 14, 2016; 5 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Where:  Museum of Latin American Art


  • Nola Brantley, Nola Brantley Speaks! (survivor leader)
  • Jessica Midkiff, Nola Brantley Speaks! (survivor leader)
  • Stacy Jewell Lewis, Who is Stolen & Jewell Productions (survivor leader)
  • Stephany Powell, Journey Out
  • Gina Loring, poet
  • Nick Ippolito, Office of Supervisor Don Knabe


Cheryl Burnett, Supervisor Don Knabe, 213-974-1095