County Plans To Install Solar-Powered Bus Stops

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Chair Don Knabe has announced Board approval of a $1.3 million contract with LNI Custom Manufacturing, Inc., of Hawthorne, for the installation of solar-powered bus stop shelters at various bus stops around the County, including in the vicinity of Whittier.

Work will include the installation of non-advertising solar-powered bus stop shelters and solar light poles and related work. This is part of the County’s ongoing program for the construction and maintenance of transit facilities, and will improve the bus stops while reducing reliance on purchased electricity.

The County Department of Public Works received six bids on the project. The highest bid was $2.3 million. Grants from Caltrans and the MTA as well as Proposition A Local Return Transit Funds will finance the project cost.

Public Works expects the project to be completed in 60 working days, with an estimated start this month June and completion in July.