Board of Supervisors Recognizes Whittier Area First Day Coalition

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors presented a scroll to the Whittier Area First Day Coalition to acknowledge the outstanding work that the organization has done to engage the homeless issue in Whittier.

The Whittier Area First Day Coalition has a mission to help the homeless and other at-risk individuals transition toward self-sufficiency. The Coalition achieves this difficult task by providing various programs for individuals and families throughout the Whittier Area. The Job Club Program, the Recovery from Homelessness Program and the Health and Wellness Program are a few of the comprehensive programs that the Coalition offers.

The Coalition has also developed a recovery model called the Reciprocal Community Engagement Model. This innovative model was designed to give local communities a strategy to build a network of programs that creates natural interaction between people. This interaction seeks to bring the homeless out of their isolation and reintegrate them back into their communities.

With over 90,000 homeless identified across the County, local involvement in addressing homelessness is more important than ever, said Supervisor Knabe. What the First Day Coalition is doing in Whittier is a shining example for the rest of the County.