Expanded Public Safety Services Coming to South Whittier

Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe will soon be announcing a new law enforcement and community safety plan for the unincorporated area of South Whittier . The new law enforcement plan is the result of several meetings between local residents and business owners, the Supervisor’s office and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department about upgrading the public safety needs of the South Whittier Community.

A major component of the plan is the reintroduction of a full-time Sheriff’s Deputy to serve as the Town Sheriff. Deputy Pat Rincon will takeover as the Town Sheriff, a job he held in South Whittier several years ago. Three additional sheriff’s patrol deputies will also be added to South Whittier, doubling the number currently stationed in the area.

Other parts of the plan include the creation of a taskforce made up of various law enforcement agencies designed to find solutions to common problems and the creation of a community taskforce of 20 local leaders. Graffiti tracking and abatement programs will also be added, along with the expansion of COPS teams in South Whittier.

This expanded law enforcement plan is the result of the resident’s efforts, said Supervisor Knabe. I heard the community’s concerns and suggestions about making South Whittier a safer and stronger community and I am confident this plan will help make that happen.

Supervisor Knabe and other local leaders will announce specific details about the law enforcement plan at a community meeting on Tuesday, February 28. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. and will be held in the Adventure Park gymnasium at 10130 South Gunn Avenue in South Whittier.