Supervisor Knabe Announces New Avalon Lifeguard and Paramedic Headquarters

A state-of-the-art lifeguard and paramedic headquarters building will soon be built in the city of Avalon. Construction moved one step closer to reality today when the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to accept a donated piece of land by the City of Avalon for the building to be constructed on.

The Avalon Lifeguard facility will also have one unique feature among all of the County’s similar buildings. This will be the first to include dormitory space for workers. County lifeguards are on-call for 24-hour periods, meaning that anyone stationed in Avalon would need to secure to housing in the City’s small and expensive housing market. With the new building, workers will be able to complete their shifts with out having to acquire housing off-site.

The structure will include administrative offices, staff housing and equipment storage. Construction will begin later this year, and the station is expected to be ready no sooner than September 2007.