Dockweiler State Beach Dedication Set Where else but Dockweiler?

A special location and specialized facilities make Dockweiler Beach unique among local beaches.

– Dockweiler is one of the few beaches in the region where it is legal to have a fire on the beach. Along with Cabrillo Beach, Dockweiler is one of only two beaches where there are fire pits on the sand.

– Dockweiler is home to the only RV campground in the County that is located right on a beach. Rates are low, availability is year-round, and guests have access to complete RV hookups, pump-out stations, hot showers, and a Laundromat.

– The only Oceanside hang-gliding facility in the County is located at Dockweiler.

– Want to get up-close to a jumbo jet or other aircraft in flight? Parts of Dockweiler are directly under the LAX flight path and just a few hundred yards from the runway edges.

– No major development on the beach! Dockweiler feels far from civilization because homes and businesses are not built right up the beach.

– The Dockweiler bike path continues for miles in both directions, connecting all the way to Santa Monica in the north and to Redondo Beach in the south.