Schabarum Regional County Park in Rowland Heights Will soon undergo Three Major Improvement Projects

Over $2.2 million in renovations and improvements at Schabarum Regional County Park in Rowland Heights will be underway shortly, Supervisor Don Knabe announced today.

This extensive construction at Schabarum includes three distinct projects: the demolition and replacement of seven existing pedestrian/service bridges and the repair of two existing vehicle bridges; the regrading of the existing horse staging area to improve drainage and horse trail alignment; and the replacement of the existing playground equipment with new equipment.

The estimated cost of each project is as follows: $1,294,000 for the Bridges Replacement Project, $646,000 for the Horse Staging Area Project, and $312,000 for the Play Area Replacement Project. The total budget for the entire three-part project is $2,252,000.

The Bridges Replacement and Horse Staging Area Projects are completely funded with Fourth District Capital Project funds and the Play Area Replacement Project is funded in part by State Proposition 40 Grant funds.

This project is about making a reinvestment in our community, said Supervisor Knabe. These improvements will not only increase the safety at and usefulness of Schabarum Park, but will also benefit the many residents of surrounding communities who utilize this Park.