Construction and Improvements Continue At Cerritos Regional Park

After a significant investment in improvements and new facilities, the renovation of Cerritos Regional County Park is scheduled to be completed later this summer.

When finished, the construction crews will have replaced 35 acres of park grass and planted 200 new trees. The new park turf is a specialized type of grass that will grow well with the elevated levels of salt in the park’s ground. The growth of grass in the park has historically been a unique challenge because of high alkaline and salt levels in the soil of the former dairy lots the park is built on. Due to the park’s size, the turf renovation was separated into two phases. Phase I, along Bloomfield Avenue, was opened to the public last winter and Phase II has been seeded and will open in late-July with project activities being completed by mid-August. The County is also planning on implementing a customized maintenance program, which should keep the new grass healthy for years to come.

In addition to replacing the turf, many other facilities at Cerritos Regional Park are also being improved as part of the project, including renovating the pool, improving the five park restrooms, repaving existing parking lots, constructing a new parking area, and installing new park lighting.

The community swimming pool facility re-opened last week. The adult and children’s pool were replastered; the pool piping was replaced; and handicapped access lift, diving boards, new deck, and other accessories were installed. Additionally, the pool’s mechanical systems were replaced and the bathhouse dressing rooms, showers, and restrooms were completely renovated.

Five restrooms throughout the park are getting a makeover as well. The restroom renovation includes new wall tile, partitions, fixtures, ceiling finishing, floor coating, and exterior paint; the restrooms are scheduled to be done by the end of July.

The park has four primary parking areas that needed renovation. The project replaced the asphalt in these existing parking areas, improving their appearance and added a new parking area. The new parking area created 65 additional parking spaces improving the community’s access to the park.

To improve park lighting and increase public safety, over 150 additional park lights are being installed. The installation of the lights will be completed by mid-August.

Improving our County parks is a top priority for me, said Supervisor Knabe. I am working very closely with our Departments of Public Works and Parks & Recreation, to ensure that this project is not only done as quickly as possible, but that it is also done right. With so many challenges dealing with this old dairy soil, we need to take every precaution to guarantee that this new grass thrives, and opening the park too soon could damage or kill the new grass.