New Project Near Marina del Rey Will Redirect Urban Runoff And Pollutants Away From Ocean

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors today accepted the construction of a new low-flow diversion that was recently completed at Washington Boulevard in the vicinity of Marina del Rey.

Low-flow diversions are designed to divert non-storm flows away from the ocean and to a sewage treatment plant. This newest diversion is one of 18 County-owned and operated diversions in the South Bay designed to redirect urban runoff and improve water quality along the coast by preventing pollutants that may be in that runoff from entering the ocean. The total cost of the diversion project was $1,214,588.

These low-flow diversions are an important part of the County’s approach to improving water quality, said Supervisor Knabe. Although these diversions are successful at directing runoff to treatment facilities, any long term solution to improve water quality will require the public’s help to reduce pollution.