Knabe Applauds The Governor’s Signing Of Lieu Bill To Improve Sewage Spill Reporting Process

Supervisor Don Knabe is pleased to announce that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has recently signed Assembly Bill 800 (AB 800), authored by Torrance Assemblymember Ted Lieu, which will dramatically improve the sewage spill reporting process across California.

AB 800, sponsored by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, requires that any entity responsible for a sewage spill now has the duty to report it to the local public health officer and the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. In addition, fines will be imposed to any sewage treatment official who fails to promptly report a spill.

The bill is based on an investigation called for by Supervisor Knabe earlier this year. The resulting report released by the Los Angeles County Department of Auditor-Controller revealed numerous failed communication protocols between local wastewater operators and public health crews within the County. As a result of the investigation, Supervisor Knabe unveiled a number of reforms including working with Assemblyman Lieu to amend state law to resolve issues that went beyond the County’s legal authority to correct.

This is great news for beachgoers Statewide, and I would like to thank the Governor for signing the bill and Assemblymember Lieu for taking the lead on critical issue, said Supervisor Knabe. This bill ensures that those who are responsible for a sewage spill now have the duty to immediately notify those responsible for closing the beaches.

This is a big win for the coastline throughout California, said Assemblymember Lieu. Our beaches are one of our greatest natural wonders, and we nee to make sure they’re protected. If beaches are closed right away, then the cleanup can begin immediately.