County Grant Will Provide Homeless Families In Whittier With Housing And Services

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a $1 million grant to the Whittier First Day Coalition, for a new transitional housing program in the City of Whittier, Supervisor Don Knabe announced recently.

The Families Together Transitional Housing Project, which will be run by Whittier First Day, will provide transitional housing and intensive services to homeless families for up to two years. The funding for the project comes from the Fourth District’s allocation of County homeless funds, along with support and funding from the City of Whittier, foundations and the local business community.

This is an unprecedented collaboration between Los Angeles County and the City of Whittier to help families in their community break the cycle of homelessness and get back on their feet, said Supervisor Knabe. Our local communities are leading the effort to end homelessness, and Whittier has been a key partner to that end. The work we have accomplished so far to develop the Families Together project has been a successful model of city-county partnership that we hope to build on in future endeavors.

Whittier Mayor Owen Newcomer added that, the Whittier City Council was pleased to assist by channeling some federal funds to this program to help transition homeless families into stable housing and jobs. First Day’s new project will give people the opportunity that they need to work for a better future.