Supervisors Oppose City Of Los Angeles Sewer Project In Marina Del Rey

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voiced unanimous opposition today to a City of Los Angeles sewer expansion project that would have significant negative impacts to the residents and businesses in Marina del Rey.

The letter of opposition, authored by Supervisor Don Knabe, is over the Venice Dual Force Main Sewer Line Project, a planned expansion of the City of Los Angeles sewage system capacity by building a redundant sewer line in the Venice area that would transport sewage south to the Hyperion Treatment Plant. Although there are three possible routes for the sewer line, the City’s preferred route is by digging up streets in unincorporated Marina del Rey, going south down Marquesas Way and Via Marina.

The easiest and cheapest route is to run the expanded sewer line directly under Venice Beach, where the existing sewer line currently runs. The third route is down the middle of Pacific Avenue in Venice, inside the City limits.

The City of Los Angeles prefers the sewer route inside Marina del Rey because it impacts City residents the least. Never mind that this construction route benefits City residents at the expense of our residents in the Marina, said Supervisor Knabe. Our opposition to this route and the impact it would have on Marina del Rey is steadfast. I am pleased to have the unanimous support of the Board of Supervisors.