Knabe To Help Rebuild Long Beach Community Garden

Just a little more than a month after ground was broken on the Termino Avenue Storm Drain Project, Supervisor Don Knabe announced that he will be providing $10,000 to help reestablish a community garden that will be need to be destroyed to make room for the project.

The Wild Oats Community Garden is located between 10th Street and Anaheim Street, and unfortunately, the Termino Drain construction will require the temporary destruction of the garden. The community partners and those who have plots in the garden realize that the temporary disruption of the garden is for the long-term benefit of an entire community and for the environmental health of an important watershed.

Supervisor Knabe understands that it’s vital to reestablish this community garden once the two-year Termino Drain project is complete, so he will be contributing $10,000 to Long Beach Organic for the specific use of rebuilding and reestablishing the community garden.

The Termino Avenue Drain project is a $23 million effort to improve flood control and water quality in several neighborhoods around Colorado Lagoon and Belmont Heights. Nearly 90-percent of the costs are being covered by the County. It’s an effort that the City, County, and community have been working on for nearly 20 years.