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The Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors announced today shoaling has been reported at the north entrance to Marina del Rey from recent storms. Currently, the north entrance remains open to mariners with approximately 100-120 yards clearance. The majority of the entrance has approximately 15′ to 17′ depth.
The Marina del Rey Sheriff’s Department has placed additional Aids to Navigation (green buoys) and Hazard Buoys (white buoys) to guide boaters through the north entrance for a minimum depth clearance of 10′ at low tide. Mariners are urged to stay outside the buoy area and should use extreme caution when transiting the north entrance since conditions are changing and buoys can move. Attention to astronomical low tides during monthly full and new moon periods is advised, as well as staying clear of the jetties, and utilizing the south entrance to Marina del Rey. These areas will be monitored by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Marina del Rey Station.
For additional information, contact the Marina del Rey Harbor Master at (310) 482-6000 for north entrance shoaling updates or VHF Channel 16.