County To Continue Improving San Gabriel River Bike Path In Lakewood And Cerritos

Several sections of the San Gabriel River Bicycle Trail will soon be reconstructed in the Cities of Cerritos and Lakewood, Supervisor Don Knabe announced today. The project will be completed in four separate phases, and is being funded with over $2.5 million in Fourth District Capital Improvement funds. The reconstruction will also remove sharp turns and improve the sight distance, which will improve the level of safety for trail users.

Phase 1, which was completed on February 12, 2009, realigned and reconstructed 350 feet of the trail, at Del Amo Boulevard in City of Cerritos. Phase 1 also consisted of the relocation of the existing access gates and power poles, and the installation of trail signage, yellow centerline striping, and pavement markings.

Next is Phase 2, which will cost an estimated $336,000, will realign and reconstruct another 460 feet of the path just south of Del Amo Boulevard. Additionally, the existing reclamation waterline and street lights will be relocated, and trail signage, yellow centerline striping, and pavement markings will be installed.

Phase 3 has a budget of $1,080,000 and consists of the reconstruction of an approximately one mile segment of the trail and widening the existing bike trail from 10 feet to 12 feet wide from Del Amo Boulevard to Carson Street in the City of Lakewood.

Finally, Phase 4 will cost an estimated $1,350,000, and will realign and reconstruct a tunnel and 125 feet of the path at 183rd Street in the City of Cerritos. A new access ramp will be constructed on the north side of 183rd Street, which will follow the alignment of the current tunnel approach.

It is important that the bike paths along our riverbeds are safe, said Supervisor Knabe. The improvements will enhance the safety and increase enjoyment of the numerous residents and visitors who use the San Gabriel River Bike Trail.

This project is part of a larger capital investment plan that Supervisor Knabe announced during his annual State of the County address on November 4, 2009. At the event, Supervisor Knabe unveiled over $42 million in Fourth District Capital Projects that would be built in communities across the Fourth District in 2010.