Knabe Applauds Sheriff’s Department As Overall Crime Continues To Decline

Supervisor Don Knabe is pleased to announce that as of May 31, 2010, preliminary crime data shows that criminal homicides in Sheriff’s patrol areas have decreased by 17.24 percent, compared to last year. This follows a five-year continuous decrease, resulting in nearly half as many homicides as there were five years ago and the lowest homicide rate since 1975. Most notable were decreases in homicides in the Century Station area and Compton Station area. Century Station had 16 homicides during the same period last year, as compared to 10 homicides this year, for a 37.2 percent decrease. Compton Station homicides have reduced by 38.2 percent, with 21 homicides last year compared to 13 this year.

I am pleased with the overall hard work and commitment of our Sheriff’s department, said Knabe. They passion and dedication continues to protect our citizens and keep our communities safe from crime.

Reported incidents of violent crimes have declined 7.19 percent, and serious property crimes have declined by 4.73 percent in Sheriff’s patrol areas countywide, compared to last year. Sheriff’s stations experiencing the most significant decreases in overall violent crimes over the same period last year included Walnut Station at 46.2 percent, Industry Station at 31.2 percent, and Norwalk Station at 17 percent.