Supervisors Approve Marina Del Rey Odor Control Project

Beaches and Harbors announced today the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved plans, specifications and advertisement for a construction bid contract to construct a sanitary sewer air scrubber in Marina del Rey.

“Residents and visitors across Marina del Rey are going to notice a significant improvement,” said Supervisor Knabe. “But this project is going to particularly benefit the condo owners living in the adjacent Marina City Club towers, who have had to deal with sewer-like smells coming from the area for a long time.”

The Odor Control project will help deal with the odor issue along Admiralty Way in front of the Marina City Club, which is part of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works ongoing program for the operation, maintenance and repair of sewer systems.

The project will be completed in approximately 20 working days and has an estimated cost between $145,000 and $170,000, which is included in the Fiscal Year 2010-11 Marina del Rey Sewer Maintenance District Fund Budget.

Work on the Odor Control project is anticipated to start in October 2010 and is scheduled to be completed November 2010.