County Seeks Co-Existence Between Mobile Food Vendors and Restaurant Owners

Los Angeles County will convene a taskforce to report back in 90 days with recommendations of how to facilitate the co-existence of both mobile food vendors and restaurant owners, Supervisor Don Knabe announced today.

Restaurants have raised concerns that mobile food trucks and food cart vendors are unfairly competing with them. Some vendors park in front of restaurants and draw customers away from them. Mobile food operators often do not pay for parking, rental space, property tax, and hire fewer employees. With lower overhead costs, they are able to offer cheaper prices as well.

“In this economy, we need to promote a business environment where both restaurant owners and mobile food vendors can work together to serve the public safely and conveniently, and thrive,” said Supervisor Knabe. “Bringing the parties together in a constructive atmosphere is a means to see what can be done to make the situation better for all concerned.”

The taskforce will include representation from the Southern California Mobile Food Vending Truck Association, the Restaurant Association, the Department of Public Health, the Small Business Commission and other interested parties.