County Adopts Recommendations for Raves

The Board of Supervisors today approved 10 recommendations to enhance safety for attendees at electronic music festivals, also known as raves.  The motion, co-authored by Supervisors Don Knabe and Zev Yaroslavsky, was in response to a report from the Department of Public Health (DPH), which has been collaborating with public and private entities to improve security at these events.

In July 2010, the Board approved a motion by Supervisors Knabe and Yaroslavsky to establish a task force to develop procedures to increase safety measures at raves, following the death of a 15 year-old girl who was attending the annual Electric Daisy Carnival last summer.  The DPH, in cooperation with the Department of Health Services, the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles Fire Department, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, the Coliseum Commission and event promoters, recently submitted a report with proposals to enhance law enforcement activities and health precautions for these popular events.

The task force’s recommendations included broadening multi-agency planning, imposing an 18-year minimum age requirement for all attendees, enforcing strict alcohol policies, coordinating emergency medical services, and establishing public education programs on the dangers of illicit drug use, in particular, Ecstasy.

“I am pleased that this broad-based task force was able to work together to come up with some solid recommendations on how these festivals can be conducted in a safe and lawful way,” said Supervisor Knabe.  “The most important thing we can do is protect the young people who attend, by enforcing the laws governing these events.  As the recommendations are implemented, we will continue to monitor the situation in conjunction with law enforcement and festival operators.”