County Accepts Youth Facilities Grant in Effort to Rehabilitate Youth Offenders

The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors approved a joint motion by Supervisors Don Knabe and Zev Yaroslavsky, creating a path towards a more rehabilitative approach to juvenile justice.

The Board accepted a $28 million grant to construct a new 128-bed camp facility  that will replace a large dormitory-style building with small cottage units, allowing for a more interactive approach between staff, youth, families and treatment providers.  The rehabilitative approach includes providing mental health, therapeutic programming and educational intervention during the period juveniles are detained.  This approach is a nationally recognized model which helps facilitate the successful transition of juveniles back into their community.

“I have long advocated for reform in our juvenile justice system and a move towards a more rehabilitative approach to working with young offenders, rather than the punitive environment we have in most of our facilities,” said Supervisor Knabe.  “We owe it to the nearly 3,000 youth we have incarcerated in our camps to provide an atmosphere and resources that give them a chance to turn their lives around and return to their community with a fresh start.”