Fake Health Inspector Targeting LA County Restaurants

Following reports that a man is impersonating a health inspector at restaurants, Supervisor Knabe is urging business owners to verify the identity of health inspectors when in doubt.

“Health inspections are a critical service that the County provides restaurant owners and mobile food vendors, and their patrons,” said Supervisor Knabe. “It is important for the public to be aware of and report any suspicious activity by someone who may be an imposter and threatening the integrity of the County Health Department.”

Three restaurants in Los Angeles County have been targeted by a man claiming to be from the Los Angeles County Health Department who advises restaurant owners to call a telephone number and enter a numeric code.

Los Angeles County Health Inspectors should always present a County-issued photo identification card and present a business card upon request. Inspectors should never accept payment for an inspection or charge money for a County Letter Grade. They will always direct the operator to the local Environmental Health Office, Environmental Health headquarters, or the County Treasurer Tax Collector for payment of any and all fees.

If you come into contact with an imposter, you are encouraged to call your local law enforcement agency or local health department.