Supervisor Knabe Proclaims March 30 as “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day”

In an effort to honor the members of the United States Armed Forces who served in the Vietnam War, Supervisor Don Knabe has proclaimed March 30, 2011 as “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day” in Los Angeles County.

For decades, efforts have been made to properly recognize the sacrifices of those who served the United States in Vietnam. In 2009, the State of California officially signed into law AB717, which declared March 30th as “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day,” in large part due to the tireless advocacy of Jose Ramos on behalf of his fellow Vietnam vets.  Congresswoman Linda T. Sanchez, a long-time supporter, has also introduced HR 184 in hopes that this day will be declared at a national level.

“I am honored to support and be a part of this historic and well-deserved movement, and proud to recognize those who served their Country dutifully and faithfully in Vietnam,” said Knabe. “Recognition of our military should never be about whether we agree or disagree with the war or conflict.  Our Nation asks our military to serve and we must thank those who protect our Country, our Constitution, our lives, and most importantly, our Liberty.  We enjoy the freedom and privileges we often take for granted because of the service and sacrifice of our veterans and their families and loved ones.”

In Supervisor Knabe’s Board Motion, he noted that more than 2.7 million Americans served during the Vietnam conflict, with more than 58,000 United States soldiers sacrificing their lives, and more than 300,000 wounded. On March 30, 1973, the United States Armed Forces completed the withdrawal of combat troops. Upon their return home, Vietnam vets were met with mixed emotions and were never adequately honored for their service to our country.

“We owe these men and women our sincere thanks for their Service as well as all of our Veterans,” said Knabe. “We should never forget those that have survived and those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our Country.”