Land Movement Continues at Paseo Del Mar

Paseo Del Mar –  County Public Works Update

Ground movement in the area has intensified. The vertical displacement on Paseo Del Mar near the intersection with the access road is about six feet. A portion of the access road leading from Paseo Del Mar to the beach, along with 5 sections of the abandoned 60-inch RCP pipe, have slid onto the beach area.

Department of Beaches & Harbors staff will be placing warning signs at the end of the promenade behind the White Point restroom where it connects with the baseball diamond fence. They will also replace an existing nylon fence at the beach level with a chain-link fence with similar warning signs.

Realignment of Storm Drains

Construction continues on the 84-inch pipe realignment on the easterly side of Paseo Del Mar. The forms for the junction structure are set and the concrete pouring is scheduled for today. Subsequent to the concrete pour, the Contractor will bring a crane on-site to facilitate the construction of the two 36-inch HDPE pipes down the slope to the beach.

There are currently no design issues, but staff has continued to monitor the situation and make any necessary field adjustments.
The 54-inch line bypass is nearing completion with the remaining item of work being the construction of the headwall at the outlet. There is a bypass line constructed around the work site of the 84-inch line to handle nuisance flows and runoff.


The forecast calls for dry weather through at least Thursday. After that there are two storms that may affect the area, one on Friday and a second storm possibly late Sunday into Monday. The first system looks like it will move inland before reaching southern California and precipitation from this storm is currently anticipated to be light with accumulations being in the 0.20” or less range. The second storm may bring rain to LA County as well with amounts also light. Public Works anticipates having better storm total estimates for the weekend storms by the end of the week.