Knabe to Address the ‘State of the County’

Supervisor Don Knabe will be addressing the state of Los Angeles County and the Fourth District at a luncheon at the Long Beach Convention Center on Thursday December 8, 2011 at 11:30am, hosted by the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.

In his fifth annual address, Supervisor Knabe will speak about the ongoing challenges of the global economic crisis and the impact of the state budget on Los Angeles County.  With the County’s caseloads for programs and services at an all-time high, he will discuss how the public and private sectors must join together to put people back to work.

Constituents can view a live streaming broadcast of the “State of the County” address through Facebook by going to and clicking the play button. Utilizing this feature will allow anyone to view the broadcast as well as allow them to chat with other viewers about the topics addressed in the Supervisor’s speech.

County employees interested in viewing the broadcast can watch it by visiting

Any organization wishing to simulcast Supervisor Knabe’s address can embed the video stream from the link as well.