Probation Department Begins Training to Combat Child Sex Trafficking

The Probation Department and Juvenile Delinquency Court has been awarded $350,000 per year, for the next three years, to implement a comprehensive, multidisciplinary program for sexually trafficked females in the juvenile justice system.

Over the past several years Los Angeles County has seen a significant increase in the number of sexually trafficked youth, and is recognized among law enforcement as one of the major hubs for sex trafficking in the State and Nation.  Currently the county lacks victim centered services for sexually trafficked youth who are in the juvenile justice system.

The proposed program will be a part of a partnership with the Courts, Federal and local law enforcement agencies, medical/mental health services, and community providers. The goal is to develop an effective partnership and diversion process that includes rehabilitative services for sexually exploited youth who are currently in the criminal justice system in Los Angeles County.

The program will be funded by the newly awarded Title II Formula Block Grant that supports state and local delinquency prevention, intervention efforts, and juvenile justice system improvements.   The pilot program will include medical and mental health assessment, enhanced supervision, focused treatment and services either within a placement program or in the community, mentoring, and aftercare.

For more information about the new training program, please contact Michelle Guymon at (626)236-5405 or Hania Cardenas at (562) 335-7760.