Losing a child is incomprehensible

If you lose a spouse, you are a widow; if you lose a parent, you are an orphan. But what about when you lose a child? How do you name something you cannot comprehend?

Lisa Belkin, New York Times

There are no words to describe the incredible sadness and heartache our nation feels for the families in Newtown, Connecticut. This incredible sadness is only amplified by the holiday season: the time of year when we are supposed to enjoy special times, surrounded by our loved ones. We experienced another kind of tragedy in Los Angeles County last week when an abandoned, deceased newborn was found at a trash collection center in the City of Industry.

I am devastated and horrified to hear that this baby was left in a dumpster. Heartbreaking tragedies like this are a reminder to mothers that there is always an option for their baby. The Safe Surrender program was created to give a mother, no matter what the situation, a safe, secure and anonymous way to get her child into safe hands and to protect a baby from abandonment: No shame, No blame, and No names.

This tragedy is especially sad since we celebrated the 101st Safe Surrender two weeks ago. Though 101 lives have been saved by the Safe Surrender program, this shows we have a lot more work to do. We will continue expanding our use of social media and community meetings to increase our outreach efforts on the Safe Surrender program.

This holiday season, spend time with your loved ones and hold your children a little tighter.