Clean Water, Clean Beaches Measure: Not convenient, not transparent, not open

I have some big concerns regarding next week’s Public Hearing on the Clean Water, Clean Beaches Initiative. We are still being told countless times by the public that they never received a notice or that it was inadvertently thrown away. In 2013, it is astounding that we do not have an online or email protest option.  I asked several weeks ago and received validation just yesterday that it is actually a legal option for us to use during these proceedings.  We should provide an email response option immediately to the public so that they have a more convenient and reasonable way to protest. The ongoing Clean Water, Clean Beaches Initiative is the largest protest hearing process that Los Angeles County has ever undertaken.  We must be sure that we are doing everything we can to make the process as convenient, transparent and open as possible.  The public hearing is next week, and up to this point I do not believe that we have done that.  The County continues to receive significant correspondence from the public who do not understand the need for the fee, and are questioning the credibility of the way the process is being managed. We mailed a very important protest hearing notice that looks like junk mail to the public during the busiest mail season of the year.

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