Experienced minds come together to protect young sex trafficking victims

Los Angeles County is continuing its efforts to put an end to child sex trafficking: the horrific and sickening crime happening to young girls in big cities and small towns across this nation.

Following her presentation last week at the “Crimes Against Children Conference” in Dallas, Michelle Guymon was back in Los Angeles County to host a roundtable discussion with various agencies. The goal was to begin working on a plan to help the young victims of child sex trafficking. Participating in the meeting were members of the Department of Children and Family Services, the┬áMary Magdalene Project, the Coalition Against Slavery & Trafficking, the National Center for Youth Law, and Los Angeles County Probation.

This meeting brought together some of the most experienced minds in the country, to develop a strategy Los Angeles County to implement to ensure that young girls, who are being sexually exploited for money, receive the proper services and resources necessary to put them on the path to a better life.

I am proud of all the work Los Angeles County, and our partners, have done to fight this awful crime. This next phase of work will ensure that all departments in the County have a process in place to protect our young girls from future exploitation.