Sara Kruzan: A giant leap towards justice

Over the weekend, Governor Jerry Brown granted freedom to Sara Kruzan, who has been imprisoned for the last 18 years for killing her former pimp. Sara was originally sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, but former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger commuted her sentence to 25 years-to-life with the possibility of parole.

Now in a matter of months, Sara will be a free woman. Freedom, however, is something she’s never experienced before. Sara was forced into prostitution by a sex trafficker when she was only 11 years old. For years, she was abused, exploited, and sold on the streets for money.

In the past, young girls arrested for prostitution were judged by society. Through education, survivor and prevention programs, and legislation, we continue to work to reverse this injustice. Sara’s release is a giant leap towards justice for all the true victims of this horrifying crime.

When she is finally released, I look forward to meeting with Sara to discuss new ways to help young girls who are being exploited.