Honoring those who wear the badge

Last week, we held our annual Public Safety Luncheon to honor the men and women who stand in harm’s way. From the heroism of TSA Agent Gerardo Hernandez at LAX, to the courage of the Granite Mountain Hotshots running towards the flames, we had so many recent examples of the best of our country coming together to protect all of us.

Against this backdrop of courage on our shores, we also paused to reflect on the ongoing commitment of those who serve in our armed forces, whose own sacrifice gives us the freedom we enjoy today.

When danger and disaster strike our County, our Country, and our communities, the men and women of law enforcement, public safety and the military are the first to raise their hands to help.

And while “thank you” will never be near enough, our prayers continue to be with all who serve the public, and with their families and friends. Each one of our men and women who wears the badge shows bravery every day.

As we reflect on this courage, service and commitment, we know that there are countless people whose lives have been saved or changed forever because of what they do. To those who serve, we offer our heartfelt respect, our ongoing prayers and our deepest thanks for what you do each and every day to protect our nation and our neighborhoods.