Knabe Reinforces Efforts to Grow Local Economy and Protect Most Vulnerable

Earlier this month, Supervisor Don Knabe became Chairman of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and cited three priorities for his tenure: innovation, customer service and combating child sex trafficking. Today, three motions supporting these goals were approved unanimously by the Board.

Following two years of intense effort, Knabe said he was proud of what the County has accomplished in the fight to end the sexual exploitation of children for money, but more effort is needed. He proclaimed January 2104 to be “National Human Trafficking Awareness Month” in Los Angeles County to reinforce the County’s commitment to ending this horrific crime.

Knabe also asked for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to work with all departments that interact with small businesses to reeningeer the process of how businesses get started in Los Angeles County, citing an often cumbersome and confusing process. A report back in 90 days will investigate the feasibility of establishing a one-stop small business concierge service that would offer guidance on navigating the process to those interested in starting a business.

On Knabe’s motion at last week’s meeting, the Board received a report from the CEO on options available to the County to provide the support and incentive needed for the Boeing Company to select the City of Long Beach as the project site for its Boeing 777x Jetliner.

“We must continue our efforts to support the economic growth of our region, while maintaining our focus on the most vulnerable in our community who need us most,” said Knabe. “By finding new ways to innovate, improving customer service, and always asking, ‘How can we do this better,” we will write a new chapter of County government that will be smarter, more efficient, better serving and easier to work with.”

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