Knabe to Launch Bipartisan Effort to Combat Child Sex Trafficking

A bipartisan panel of state lawmakers will join Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Chairman Don Knabe tomorrow in Sacramento to review possible reforms to better protect children from sexual exploitation and slavery.

WHO: Senators Ted Lieu, D-Torrance; Holly Mitchell, D-Los Angeles; Bob Huff, R-Diamond Bar; Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo; and Marty Block, D-San Diego, will be joined by Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Chairman Don Knabe; and Daphne Phung of California Against Slavery, a human rights group dedicated to protecting the victims of sexual trafficking, especially minors. Also expected are Nola Brantley, executive director and co-founder of MISSSEY (which stands for motivating, inspiring, supporting and serving sexually exploited youth); and sex trafficking survivors.

WHAT: Speakers will review goals and planned state legislation to strengthen penalties for buying and selling minors for sex.

WHEN: 10:00 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 6.

WHERE: State Capitol, Room 1190. Note: Room 3191 will be the backup location should Room 1190 become unavailable.

WHY: Every day, children – primarily girls – as young as 10 are being manipulated and sold into prostitution in Los Angeles County and in counties statewide. The pimps and johns who buy and sell children for sex, however, often are not arrested and prosecuted. Even when they are, they typically face minimal penalties. This is not consensual sex; it is child molestation and rape, and the punishment should fit the crime.
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