Critical services and resources available for veterans

Last week, a veteran suffering from post traumatic stress disorder climbed the roof of a local bar and called the Veterans Crisis Line threatening to kill himself. The operator who answered the call on the hotline coordinated with our local law enforcement and our deputies were able to intervene before he could harm himself or others. He was taken to a local medical facility where he received a full mental health evaluation and was connected to appropriate resources.

This was a situation that could have turned tragic had it not been for the outstanding work of the national Veteran’s hotline and our deputies. Their quick action saved this man’s life. Our Department of Military and Veterans Affairs is an incredible resource for veterans in need. Through the department, veterans can receive assistance with employment, healthcare and education.

As more and more of our men and women return home from overseas, it’s important that we provide them with these critical services. Veterans can reach the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs by calling 877-4 LA VETS (8387) or by contacting the Veterans Crisis Line at 800-273-8255.