Knabe, Families Commemorate L.A. County’s 125th Safe Surrender

Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe was joined by over 150 people last night in Grand Park to dedicate a “Garden of Life” in recognition of the 125 newborns who have been Safely Surrendered in Los Angeles County. Over 30 families who adopted a Safe Surrender baby helped plant the new garden.

“Safe Surrender is a program that gives life,” said Supervisor Knabe. “This garden is dedicated to all the newborns who have been saved and the families that have been created. The flowers in this ‘Garden of Life’ will grow just as the 125 children have blossomed, and they will continue to bloom, honoring future Safe Surrender babies.”

During the ceremony, Supervisor Knabe also announced the launch of an academic scholarship program for children who have been safely surrendered.

“We’ve given these children life, and now it’s time to give them an opportunity for higher education,” said Supervisor Knabe. “Every single Safe Surrender baby, whether they were surrendered in 2001 or 20 years from now, deserves the opportunity to pursue all of their hopes and dreams.”

Established in 2001, the Safe Surrender program allows a parent or legal guardian to confidentially hand over an infant, three days old or younger, to any hospital emergency room, fire station or other designated Safe Surrender site, as long as the baby has not been abused or neglected.  As of March 2015, 126 newborns have been safely surrendered.

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