When human trafficking is politicized, victims lose

Yesterday the Senate rejected, by a 55-43 vote, Senate Bill 178 – the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act, which would establish a fund to help victims of trafficking by using fees charged to those convicted of buying and selling them.  The bill was stalled because of the addition of the Hyde amendment, a rider that restricts federal funding for abortion and other health care services.

Washington strikes again, this time demonstrating its dysfunction at the expense of the young victims of child sex trafficking.

Legislation to punish the buyers and sellers of children, and provide services to the victims of this heinous crime, should not be further wronged by the inability of Congress to work together.  These children are often victimized first at home and then by the profiteering of pimps.  Now, those who should be doing everything possible to protect them, instead use them as a pawn in their partisan games.  Democrats and Republicans both play politics, blaming and finger-pointing, instead of giving these young victims a voice, services and the path to a better life.