Hacienda Boulevard California Fan Palms

  • County Public Works is in the process of removing 35 diseased California Fan palm trees from the center median of Hacienda Boulevard between La Monde and Los Altos Avenue in Hacienda Heights.
  • The trees, which were planted 50 years ago, are infected with Black Diamond Scale, a fungus that strikes the California Fan palm almost exclusively. It has been determined by three arborists that the trees pose a significant safety risk and, due to their weakened condition, are in danger of falling.
  • So far, 21 of the trees have been removed. It is anticipated that it will take an additional three weeks to remove the remaining 14 trees. In addition to the 35 trees currently being removed, an additional 56 California Fan palms will be removed from the same location over the next three years. These trees are also infected with black diamond scale but are not considered to be a hazard.
  • Many factors can influence the health of trees, including age, climate, drought, and disease. County Public Works is responsible for approximately 181,000 trees (about 100 different species) in its road rights-of-way.
  • Following a spate of regional incidents involving falling trees, the Department has increased inspection of its tree inventory to monthly and provided additional guidance to field personnel on how to recognize and identify trees that are exhibiting signs of distress.
  • The safety of the traveling public remains the top priority for the County. If a tree is determined to be unhealthy and a hazard, it is removed immediately.
  • County Public Works posted notices advising the community of the tree removals and is currently coordinating a community meeting to discuss replacement trees.

Further inquiries may be directed to Laren Bunker at 661-294-3520.