Traffic Signal To Be Installed In Rowland Heights on Fullerton Road At Sunrise Drive

Supervisor Don Knabe announced today that a new traffic signal and curb ramps will be installed in Rowland Heights at the intersection of Fullerton Road and Sunrise Drive. This will be part of the County’s ongoing road construction and maintenance program, and is expected to improve conditions for motorists and pedestrians.

The new addition is included in the Fiscal Year 2004-05 Road Fund Budget and is estimated to cost between $90,000 and $105,000. The project complies with the California Environmental Quality Act.

To increase contractor awareness of our program and to contract work to the private sector, this project will be listed on the County website for bids which will begin August 3rd, said Knabe. The participation of the private sector in public developments provides a united sense of community which will help keep our streets both maintained as well as safe.

The project is scheduled to be completed within 30 days. Work will commence in December 2004. Once work begins, Fullerton Road may be reduced by one traffic lane in each direction, and Sunrise Drive may be reduced to one traffic lane for both directions, controlled by flaggers. Lane reductions will only be in effect during working hours.