Beach ordinance does not ban footballs, frisbees

I’ve heard the outcry over the prohibition against footballs and Frisbees at Los Angeles County beaches as another example of government run amok. In fact, the intent of the ordinance was to increase recreational activities -something which has been lost in the media coverage.

There was a prohibition against footballs and Frisbees in the old ordinance from the 1970s.  The updated ordinance does not ban footballs, soccer balls or Frisbees on beaches.  Rather, it provides reasonable safety measures that lifeguards may impose on a crowded beach day, when wayward footballs or Frisbees could cause injuries to bystanders. The media reports also misrepresent violation fees.

As there have been so many inaccurate reports and confusion, I am asking our Director of Beaches and Harbors to come to our Board meeting on Tuesday to explain and clarify the ordinance. My goal is to ensure the safety of the 50-70 million beach-goers who visit the Los Angeles County beaches each year. I hear your concerns and will raise them on Tuesday.

Read the Department of Beaches and Harbors’ Statement.