Knabe Calls For Clarification of Beach Ball Ordinance

Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe directed the Department of Beaches and Harbors to re-write the section of the County’s recently adopted beach ordinance to clarify the section on ball and Frisbee playing at the beach.

“While the intent of the updated beach ordinance was to remove limitations on ball-playing, people interpreted it as the exact opposite – a full restriction on beach activities,” said Supervisor Knabe.  “I appreciate the Director of Beaches and Harbors clarifying the ordinance at our meeting today,  but I am concerned that a misunderstanding will continue.  We must do a better job of creating clear communications to minimize confusion like we had on this one when incorrect information went viral.”

Supervisor Knabe is directing the Director of Beaches and Harbors to rewrite the ordinance in a manner that clearly states that such activities by small groups and individuals are allowed on the County beach, unless directed otherwise by the County Lifeguard or other designees to protect public safety and enjoyment of the beach.