Los Angeles County Citizens’ Commission on Jail Violence releases final report

I want to thank the commissioners, attorneys and staff who volunteered their time and expertise to the Los Angeles County Citizens’ Commission on Jail Violence.

After a thorough investigative process of numerous interviews, hearings and data review, the findings reflected in this report are obviously very troubling.  They expose a systemic breakdown in leadership, inconsistent discipline and a lack of standardized policies.  Unfortunately, this is not the first account illustrating these types of findings that the Sheriff’s Department has received.  It is clear that small, incremental changes will not do.  In order to affect the dramatic culture change that is required, the Sheriff must not simply agree to the findings, he must take bold action, and quickly.  The people of Los Angeles County demand it.

Finally, it is important to note that this report focused on the jails – our patrol and traffic departments continue to receive positive feedback from the contract cities and unincorporated areas they serve.

Click here for the Executive Summary

Click here for the Commission’s Final Report