Reinvestment key to building a better Marina del Rey

For years, Marina del Rey has been the crown jewel of Los Angeles County, a place where all residents and visitors can exercise, recreate, eat and enjoy everything the County has to offer.

With the help of private investments from businesses, we have made significant strides in developing a vision for the Marina del Rey of the future. The funds generated by these ventures ultimately go towards the County’s general fund and very rarely go back into building a better Marina del Rey.

Los Angeles County’s most precious asset is in need of some serious polishing. That is why, tomorrow, I will introduce a motion that will increase the amount of funds that will be reinvested into revitalizing the Marina.

Our budget for improving the Marina has always been handcuffed by infrastructure projects and we haven’t been able to invest in our public spaces.

My motion will help provide funding for a better and stronger Marina del Rey community with projects such as landscaping, fixing walking paths, installing play equipment at Burton Chace Park, building sun shelters and many others. We would also be able enhance programs that will bring more visitors to the marina, such as summer concerts, the WaterBus, and Food Truck events, which are a huge draw for visitors and residents.

It’s time that we follow the private sector’s lead and invest in the quality of life for our Marina del Rey residents and visitors.