Operation Cross Country cracks down on child sex trafficking locally

During a nationwide child sex trafficking sweep this weekend, 10 young girls were rescued and 12 pimps were arrested in the Los Angeles area. I am proud of the efforts by our local law enforcement agencies to crack down on the scumbags who buy and sell young girls for sex. During the operation, the Long Beach Police Department rescued two juvenile girls and arrested six pimps and traffickers who were sexually exploiting children for money. These girls were subjected to an endless cycle of brutal physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Now the healing process will begin, and they will both receive the services they need to turn their lives around and empower them to escape their life on the streets.

Child sex trafficking is a barbaric industry that festers in our cities and communities. We must continue to do everything we can to get these girls off the track and on a path to a better life ahead. Together we must say, “No more; not in our streets; not to our young girls.”